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Aero Glass 1.5.12

Remember the Aero effect in Windows 7? (The same attractive glass effect above the windows). Newer versions of Windows, including Windows 10, no longer have this effect. Aero Glass is software that brings this effect to Windows 10. This tool is fully integrated with the Windows environment so that you feel that Windows itself has this effect. The program uses DirectX capabilities so you have great speed and you won’t feel any lag or delays. In the application settings you can set the transparency and background color. With this program, all windows are semi-transparent and blurry behind them.

The good thing about this app is its unparalleled integration so you don’t feel any software running in the background. Because of the Native tool, you do not always have security permissions from Windows. Running this program does not interfere with the color scheme applied in the Windows Control Panel and is applicable even to the laptop due to the low power consumption of the system. Aero Glass uses very little RAM and CPU and doesn’t require any background services to run (except for Windows 8, which requires a lightweight background service).

Features and Features of Aero Glass Tool:

  • Apply the Windows 7 Aero effect on Windows 10 windows
  • Blur the content behind the active window
  • Direct use of DirectX and completely Native
  • Low resource utilization (CPU RAM)
  • Usable on laptops without dramatic impact on battery life
  • Ability to define new color scheme for windows without interfering with the default color scheme of Windows
  • And …

required system

Requirements : Windows 8.1 Windows 10 RS1 v1607 / RS2 v1703 [10.0.15063] 64-bit


Aero Glass

Installation guide

Install and use.

download link

Download Aero Glass 1.5.12 x64 up to Win10 v1809 Build 10.0.17763

Download Aero Glass x64 for Win10 10.0.14393 only

Download Aero Glass 1.4.6 for Windows 8.1

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