Agricultural Bank Mobile 4.1.1 Version 2.2.0 for Android +1.5 Best Software Free Download Full Crack Latest Version

Agricultural Bank Mobile 1.1.4 Version 98/05/17 for Android +4.0

Agricultural Bank Mobile is an Android software that allows customers to use a variety of electronic banking services by registering with a bank branch and installing applications on their mobile phone, beyond the limit of time and location. Bank customers can easily and easily access the banking service they want through this service, anytime and anywhere. Customers can use the system for up to 4 hours easily and without physical presence in the bank branches. Agricultural Bank Mobile is an Android software that the Agricultural Bank has established for the benefit of its customers and reducing their access to bank branches as well as attracting customers. Customers can get valuable services by logging into their account through their mobile phone.

Features and Features of the Agricultural Bank Mobile App:

– Transfer to Accounts -Used Cards 
– Buy SIM Card Recharge Credit 
– View Card Balance 
– Change Account Password 
– Recover Response to Unanswered Transactions 
– Alert Beep on Receiving Transaction Receipts 
– Transfer to Agricultural Bank Card 
– Pay Bill 
– View Account Balance 
– No account allocation 
– Bill bar code reader 
– Last three account turnovers 
– Card blocking 
– No card allocation 
– Payment facility payments 
– Recovery of unanswered transactions 
– Card billing 
– Last three charge 
– Permanent inquiry – Money transfer to Agricultural Bank account 
– Receive code NBA 
– Alert beep when receiving transaction response
– Transfers to Accounts – Frequent Cards 
– Checking Inquiry 
– Bill Bar Code 
– Bill Payment 
– Cash Transfer

required system

Android 2.1 and up


Installation guide

– Visit the branch, complete the registration form and sign the contract

– Receive password for mobile banking account

– Download mobile banking application from the bank site and transfer it to mobile phone

– Install the app on mobile phone

– Perform key exchange with center

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