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Eitaa Messenger Version 3.4.15 for Android / Windows 3.1.6

Ita Messenger is designed to meet all the needs of Iranian users in a messaging program. With Ita you can easily chat with your friends, share your files, create groups and channels, and use Ita’s advanced capabilities to manage and personalize your software.

Features of Ita Messenger:

Familiar interface

One of the drawbacks of working with new software is its poor user interface. Ita software has a simple and familiar design that works to provide a pleasant viewing experience for the general public.

Reduce Internet Cost

According to statistics, most Internet traffic is consumed by messengers and social networks. Using Ita saves 50% of Internet users of this software .

Web and Multi-platform version

Ita is a software that can be accessed through multiple devices (multi-platform). The Ita Android version can be downloaded from the dedicated site or Android stores. The web version is also available in a responsive way through various browsers.

Special services to organizations and businesses

Ita is a powerful media that can meet the needs of small and large companies and organizations in receiving and disseminating information and news . Ita can provide special services to formal and legal entities, thereby reducing costs and improving the organization’s relationship with clients .

Amazing capabilities of smart robots

Smart robots provide a broad and interactive communication with different service providers in an open and powerful environment. In Ita you can deploy efficient and varied intelligent assistants (Bot) and a variety of programming interfaces (APIs) and interactive features to provide a variety of messaging and financial services (such as corporate and corporate channels, product sales channels). And services, etc.).

Construction of tree canals

Tree channels are a new generation of messaging channels with advanced features such as subject sorting , menu and submenu scheduling, timed or periodic posting and automatic deletion of content, long text submissions and more. They are offering, Ita is free to use all the tree channel features .

Unlimited and permanent cloud space

Today, messengers have become an integral part of the lives of individuals in society. It provides you with unlimited cloud storage where you can save any file or send it to your audience.

Ita messenger tips

– Eitaa messenger is Iranian.

– Ita is very similar to the telegram.

– Windows Ita version will be coming soon.

– Ita probably stands for “Iran Telegram Application”.

See Frequently Asked Questions about Ita here .

required system

Android 4.0 and up


Ita messenger
Ita messenger

Installation guide

This app is free and has no restrictions; download and install.

download link

Download Ita Messenger Version 3.4.15 for Android

Download version 3.1.6 for Windows

Download version 3.0.12 for 64-bit Linux

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