O & O DiskImage Server (Professional-Workstation) 14.1.355 Best Software Free Download Full Crack Latest Version

O & O DiskImage Server (Professional-Workstation) 14.1.355

O & O DiskImage is an efficient software for computer retrieval . This program can backup the entire system or just certain files and folders, even if those files are in use. This program does not require any system reset to complete the duplication; you also work with the system, and make a backup and after the operation is complete. With this software, you can boot your bootable disk or flash disk and restore the system every time the system encountered a problem that could not be raised.

This software supports SSD drives and the latest version of the UEFI system. If a system has a clone or a full copy, it is possible to restore this backup to another system, even with different hardware.
This can be useful for cybercafe owners or anyone working with a set of
systems, so that when installing an operating system on different
systems, it only performs the installation on a system, and after the
clone has been moved it has been flushed. And restored to other systems. The program can also provide a periodic and scheduled backup of the entire system or parts you specify.

Features of O & O DiskImage:

  • Duplicate the whole system or files you want
  • The ability to clone the hard disk
  • Ability to capture even when using the system
  • Ability to retrieve the discrete number of files
  • Monitor and report disk security risks
  • Possibility to take full or multiple copies (only parts that have been changed)
  • Ability to make boot disk and MRI recovery
  • Support for Windows 10

Required system

The system requirement of each operating system has to be fulfilled
30 MB free hard disk space
Supports 32 and 64-bit operating systems
Windows® Vista to Windows® 10 (all editions).

A minimum of 1 GB of RAM is required for booting with an O & O DiskImage bootable medium.

When using O & O DiskImage, please ensure that the most current
versions available are the drivers required for your operating system. If you’re unsure about this, refresh the driver (s).

Access permissions
In order to install and register O & O DiskImage, you must be a
member of a local administrator group or have an equivalent level of
permissions. Domain administrator usually already have these permissions.


O & O DiskImage

Installation guide

Register the software using the information in the Key.txt file.

According to this link, the server version is the most complete version and includes all the features of the Professional and Workstation versions.

Download link

Download OO_DiskImage_Server_Edition_14.1 Build 355_x86

Download OO_DiskImage_Server_Edition_14.1 Build 355_x64

Password (s): Download Here


32-bit version: 43 MB

64-bit version: 48 MB

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