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Thunderhead Engineering Pathfinder 2019.2.1002 x64

Pathfinder is a product of Thunderhead Engineering, a utility software that simulates the evacuation of human resources from various locations. This program can displace a population of people under certain critical conditions such as earthquakes, fires, floods, and so on, and this simulation is based on various parameters. Characteristics of people, causing stress and personal injury and blocking the way out and so on. Unlike stream-based or cell-based models, the software emulates real-time simulations with the power of up-to-date research techniques and the capabilities of the gaming industry and computer graphics to make its applications more tangible and closer to reality. It is not merely a computational and simulation software.

Pathfinder provides the essential tools for making the right decisions when designing various disaster-resistant systems such as fires. Multilevel simulations and changes in the characteristics of individuals can explore different scenarios, and finally, critical boundaries, minimums, maxims, pessimistic and optimistic states can be predicted and resolved.

Pathfinder is an agent-based simulator (the agent here is the human), each individual enters the simulation environment based on a set of their own individual parameters and characteristics and independently makes their own decisions. Enhanced propulsion system and 3d modeling make this product more realistic simulation than other competitors.

Features and Features of Thunderhead Engineering Pathfinder Software:

  •  Supports AutoCAD DXF and DWG files to import into the simulation environment
  • Accurate walking simulation with the possibility of changing speed
  • Multimode Streering and SFPE simulations
  • Possible 3D visualization and high quality people
  • Determine different properties and parameters for individuals
  • A variety of hiking trails such as staircases, escalators, hiking trails and steep slopes, etc.
  • Ability to customize population volume and density
  • Provides 3d and accurate simulation evaluation results
  • Ability to import FDS and PyroSim files to simulate different modes of fire, smoke, toxic vapors and temperatures, etc.
  • And …

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Listed in the Readme file in the Crack folder; the crack is related to the 2017 release of Thunderhead Engineering products, which also activates the latest version.

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